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Thursday, March 22 2018

Top 5 teas for health recommended by Dr. Navneet Sharda

Do you enjoy tea for its flavor or the soothing feeling brought by holding a steaming cup? In this Spotlight, we tell you which brews are best for heath.

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Dr Sharda presents an article on a known drug that can cut your colorectal cancer in half

A new study in mice finds that a small daily intake of Viagra can reduce the formation of potentially cancerous polyps by 50 percent.

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Monday, March 19 2018

Fatigue during Radiation Therapy

Fatigue during Radiation Therapy

During radiation therapy, your body uses a lot of energy dealing with the effects of radiation on normal cells. Fatigue usually builds up slowly during the course of treatment, particularly towards the end, and may last for a few weeks after treatment finishes. Many people find that they can't do as much, but others are able to continue their usual activities without much change. Fatigue is a common side effect, and there is a chance you might feel some level of fatigue from radiation therapy. Fatigue from radiation therapy can range from a mild to an extreme feeling of being tired. Many people describe fatigue as feeling weak, weary, worn out, heavy, or slow.

Some ways the following may help you save your energy. • Be active but try not to rush • Plan ahead where possible • Give yourself plenty of time to get places • Put chairs around the house so you can stop and rest if necessary • Sit down to dry off after a bath or put on a toweling dressing gown and let that do the work • Prepare your clothes and lay them out in one place before you dress • Sit down to put most of your clothes on • When dressing, try not to bend down too much – bring your foot up on to your knee to put socks and shoes on • When dressing, fasten your bra at the front first and then turn it to the back • Wear loose fitting clothes and things with few buttons to do up • Where possible do household tasks sitting down, such as peeling vegetables or ironing • Choose clothes that are low maintenance, clothes that don't need ironing for example • Make house hold choirs less strenuous , such as using a duster on a long stick and sit to do your dusting • Write a list of shopping and go when the supermarket is not busy or have food delivered • If you have children, play games with them that can be done sitting or lying down – for example, board games, reading books and drawing pictures • Ask family and friends for help with things like shopping, housework and collecting the children from school • You may find it easier to have lots of small meals, rather than the traditional 3 meals a day • Have plenty of nutritious snacks and drinks in stock that you can have whenever you feel like eating • Don't forget to do things that you enjoy – this may take your mind off things a bit and make you feel more relaxed

So we talked about ways to help you save you energy. Now lets talk about some ways to help you get you energy back if you are feeling tired

Get active. Drink water. Water keeps you hydrated, which gives you energy Breathe deeply. This will allow your body to regain awareness and give you a chance to become emotionally well. Do some yoga. If you used a lot of energy you can do yoga to regain it faster. Eat food that releases energy over a prolonged period of time like a banana. When you get hungry between meals, eat healthy snacks (instead of junk food) or foods that contain protein. Pour cold water over each wrist. This gets your blood circulating. Balance rest and activities. Try not to spend too much time in bed, which can make you feel weak. Schedule activities so that you have time for plenty of rest. Most people find that a few short rest periods are better than one long one. Do small tasks first. This will save your energy for the big things later. Do not procrastinate! Putting off tasks will deplete you of time and motivation, get the work done and then have fun. Wash cold water over your face. The cold will wake you up and the shock your face and a shock to your sensory neurons that sends nerves to the relay that sends it to the motor neurons.

Things to remember:

Learn from others who have cancer. People who have cancer can help each other by sharing ways to manage fatigue. One way to meet other people with cancer is by joining a support group - either in person or online. Talk with your doctor to learn more about support groups.

Talk with your doctor. If you have trouble dealing with fatigue, your doctor will have ways that can help decrease fatigue, give you a sense of well-being, and increase your appetite. Activity and nutrition are an important part of putting more energy into your daily life.

Breast cancer: Obesity may hinder some treatments

Obesity, which is linked to lower survival in many cancers, may be why drugs that inhibit growth of blood vessels that feed cancer don't work, says study

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Friday, October 17 2014

Colorectal Screening Facts Part Two

An informative video brought to you by the Cancer Care Foundation located in Las Vegas, NV, designed to educate people of the facts regarding colorectal screening, colonoscopies, colon cancer and the benefits of early detection. Interviews with leading experts Dr. Sharda, Dr. Thorton, Dr. Browder, and Dr.Butler .

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Tuesday, October 14 2014

Colorectal Screening Facts Part One

An informative video brought to you by the Cancer Care Foundation located in Las Vegas, NV, designed to educate people of the facts regarding colorectal screening, colonoscopies, colon cancer and the benefits of early detection.

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Monday, April 14 2014

Patient successfully treated for Rectal cancer and tongue cancer by Navneet Sharda MD

Monday, March 24 2014

Massive Lung Tumor Cured by Dr. Navneet Sharda

Friday, March 21 2014

Advanced lung cancer patient treated successfully by Navneet Sharda MD

Navneet Sharda, MD patient testimonial Kathie J. She discussed complete healing and limited side effects of therapy. Patient thanks Dr. Navneet Sharda for thinking of her best health.

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Oncology Answers

image001.pngNavneet Sharda, MD of Las Vegas Cancer Care Center and other cancer professionals discuss many common oncology questions and answers in a relaxed forum.|http://oncologyanswers.wordpress.com/]

Tuesday, March 18 2014

Dr. Navneet Sharda speaks on his philosophy of Cancer Care

Friday, March 14 2014

Dr. Navneet Sharda teaches how to make a delicious dessert filled with Probiotic.

Dr. Navneet Sharda of Las Vegas says-Virtually everybody now understands that eating yogurt is a part of healthy lifestyle. However, I recently read the ingredients on a can of comercial yogurt. I was very surprised to see there was actually 27 g of sugar in one small can of comercial yogurt. As a comparison, I was eating a ice cream bar, which had only 16 g of sugar.

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Navneet Sharda, MD, C.E.O of Accountable Care of Nevada discusses the hope and possibilities for future healthcare in Accountable Care Organizations

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Wednesday, March 5 2014

Dr. Navneet Sharda discusses Nutrition and Integrative Oncology

Cancer nutrition and integration of naturopathy into conventional cancer treatment. Dr. Navneet Sharda discussed the best of all worlds to maximize the cure of the patients treated at Cancer Care Centers. Cancer Care Center is the only cancer center in Las Vegas that is Joint Commission Certified, 702-547-2273.CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

Tuesday, February 25 2014

Dr. Navneet N. Sharda Las Vegas, Cancer Care Centers in Las Vegas provides patients with cutting edge treatment in a comfortable environment. Dr. Sharda speaks about the philosophy of cancer care

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Friday, February 21 2014

An 8 year cancer survivor patient gives a powerful testimonial of his experience and about his physician Dr. Navneet Sharda.

ronald_s.jpgListen to Ronald S.'s testimonial about Dr. Navneet Sharda by clicking here.

Thursday, February 13 2014

Navneet Sharda M.D. and related corporations, Cancer Care Center and Sun Medical Group have been awarded the Joint Commission's Gold Seal Accreditation for the third straight year.

Navneet Sharda M.D. and related corporations, Cancer Care Center and Sun Medical Group have been awarded the Joint Commission's Gold Seal Accreditation for the third straight year.

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Thursday, February 6 2014

Nav Sharda, M.D of Las Vegas is Interviewed by local news station


Tuesday, January 28 2014

Navneet Sharda, M.D, talks about the benefits of homemade Yogurt

Navneet Sharda, M.D. discusses and informs on the surprising values of Yogurt.

Healthier living with Yogurt.

Monday, January 27 2014

Dr. Nav Sharda's interview on a local news station

Navneet Sharda, MD was interviewed by Chanel 8 regarding the closure of the Nevada Cancer Institute and patient's access to high quality cancer care.

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